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Christian Faith and
Professional Practice
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Christian Faith and
Professional Practice
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Leadership Policy

The charter purposes of CMDS include a commitment to, “Present a positive witness of God our Father and our Saviour, Jesus Christ, to the medical and dental professions and to recipients of their care”.   CMDS is committed to an understanding of Christian life in which belief and behaviour is integrated in such as way as to demonstrate that God is the ultimate author and director of human life and has the right to direct the behaviour of those who profess Christian faith. 

A living faith in Jesus Christ enables and requires His followers to demonstrate a balanced integration of Christian teaching, character and practice in their everyday lives. As part of a national organization of Christian doctors and dentists, CMDS leaders must reflect the committed beliefs and behaviours of a membership that strives to honour God.

While CMDS is not a church, we believe that the Scripture provides us with God’s revelation of the necessary qualifications of leadership. This revelation provides reliable guidelines for the selection of servant leaders, as exemplified by Jesus Christ, within CMDS.  CMDS expects its leaders to live a lifestyle that is consistent with God's desire as stated in the Bible.  For example, in Gal. 5:22-23 the Bible exhorts Christians to live a life of liberty that shows evidence of the fruits of the Spirit - love, joy, patience, peace, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness,  goodness and self-control.

We believe that, in view of their role as examples within the believing community and beyond it, Almighty God holds those in leadership to a high standard in terms of Biblical belief and character. As an organization, CMDS affirms the inerrancy of the bible and its suitability as a standard of upright Christian conduct. Therefore CMDS will apply and maintain scriptural qualifications as an integral element when assessing suitability for appointment and continuation in office of any leader.

CMDS strives to honour and please God in all that it does, and expects individuals in leadership to model spiritual growth and maturity. Having a leader serving in office who does not follow these standards of upright living would be damaging to the morale, integrity and viability of the organization.  At the same time, CMDS also recognizes that when someone repents of past sins and failures they are forgiven by God.
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