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Christian Faith and
Professional Practice
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Christian Faith and
Professional Practice
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2019 National Conference Workshops

A. The Physicians’ Lament
Dr. John Scott, MD 
• To appreciate the concept and history of lamentation from cultural, psychological and religious perspectives. 
• To become attuned to lamentation in the patient narrative and in our own responses to workplace stress. 
• To share our lament for recent changes in the culture of medicine. 

B. Walking Together with Christ - A Christian Model for Mentoring 
Dr. Sheila Rutledge Harding, MD & Terence Harding (facilitators) 
• Discuss Christian models of mentoring and accompaniment. 
• Discuss the challenges and victories of mentoring in the workplace, educational, and community settings. 

C. Dental Mission in the City of Vancouver 
Dr. Isaac Tam, DGP & Dr. Tim Tam, DGP 
• Discuss the purpose of dental missions as a witness to Christ. 
• Discuss short-term missions, both local and abroad. 
• Discuss long-term missions in the urban core of Canada. 

D. Starting Out to Wrap it Up - an interactive panel on integrating faith and profession 
Dr. Corina Gottschling, DGP & Dr. David Stevenson, DGP (facilitators)
• Discussion on communication strategies at work and beyond. 
• Reflecting on “What is balance?”
• Discovering who God has called us to be. 

E. Managing your Health Care Practice to Authentically Reflect what you Believe 
Dr. Corina Gottschling, DGP & Dr. David Stevenson, DGP 
• Explore how Christian values differ from accepted norms with regard to how health practices are typically managed. 
• Provide insights on integrating one’s beliefs into a health care setting in order to tackle common management issues. 
• Discuss some of the effective resources that can help health care providers better understand themselves, their employees and their patients. 

F. The Real Foundation of Evidence-Based Medicine 
Dr. Andrew Lawe, MD 
• Better understand what the healthcare provider does when they practice the art and science of medicine. 
• Be able to apply these general principles to a life of faith seeking after understanding. 

G. Carried: Finding Rest through Scripture’s Obstetrical Images 
Dr. Carolyn Watts, MD 
• Notice how God in Scripture reveals Himself in all the different roles in the birth drama - as mother, husband and father, midwife or doctor, and baby.
• Explore how experiencing God in these roles of the birth drama can offer comfort and rest in challenging times.
• Take time to linger with one of these roles and let God meet us in our own weariness. 

H. Rhythms of Labor: Learning to Live Gently 
Dr. Carolyn Watts, MD 
• Name some of the tendencies that predispose us to pushing too hard. 
• Explore some of the gifts and invitations of limitations. 
• Discover how the rhythms of obstetrical labor and atrial fibrillation can help us learn how to live gently yet productively. 

I. Negotiating LGBT Challenges with Grace and Truth in Medical Practice 
Dr. T. K. Fenske, MD 
• Review the Biblical sexual ethic and its defense.
• Address our professional response to those struggling in sexual confusion. 
• Provide a forum for reflection and equipping. 

J. Negotiating LGBT Challenges with Grace and Truth in the Public Sphere and Personal Circle 
Dr. T. K. Fenske, MD 
• Review conflict between LGBT and Biblical worldviews.  
• Approach to defending Christian worldview in public sphere. 
• Provide a forum for reflection on how best to approach LGBT challenges in our personal circle. 

K. Journeying From Perfectionism to Grace 
Dr. Janet Greenman, MD 
• Understand the influences that may lead to unhealthy perfectionism.
• Describe the consequences of unhealthy perfectionism in our professional, personal and spiritual lives. 
• Realign our thinking with Biblical truth about ourselves and God’s grace. 

L. Living Faithfully in a Fearful World 
Dr. Jeffrey Greenman, PhD 
• Diagnose the root causes of the rising phenomenon of the politics of fear. 
• Contrast the social dynamics and ethical patterns based on fear with the biblically-based patterns based on faithfulness. 
• Apply theological-ethical insights into organizations and workplaces. 

M. The Four Levels of Happiness 
Dr. John Patrick, MD 
• To discuss the different levels of happiness. 
• To be a more rounded, grounded and empathic physician. 

N. The Spiritual Life of the Christian Doctor: Praying “Sometimes” and “Always” 
Dr. Bruce Hindmarsh, BRE, MCS, MA, DPhil & Carolyn Hindmarsh, BBB, MTS 
• Consider the dangers of “practical atheism” in the life of a Christian medical professional. 
• Learn ways to cultivate daily, weekly, and seasonal times for prayerful reading of Scripture. 
• Learn how to use short sentence prayers to cultivate a deeper attentiveness to God’s presence during the day. 
• Appreciate the way that we are meant to live in union with Jesus, who shows us a pattern of prayerfulness, even in the midst of the overwhelming needs of the multitudes for the healing of body and soul. 

O. Adventures in Global Surgery 
Karen Daniels, RN 
• Review global surgical need. 
• Understand challenges associated with surgical teams. 
• Discuss surgical response from a Christian perspective.
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