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Christian Faith and
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Christian Faith and
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2017 CMDS National Conference Workshops 

This year our Workshops will be presented in 2 different styles, Symposiums and Teach-ins. Each symposium will host up to 12 people around a table chaired by a facilitator. The format will consist of round-the-circle sharing, discussion, and prayer. Symposiums are intended as venues for practitioners who want to interact with others who share their area of work, interest, or concern. The Teach-Ins in the format of presentation followed by a Q & A. People will come to these as an audience, to learn or to be inspired. 

Teach-In Workshops 

A Resilience Founded on Christ: Healing the Healers – Sandra Brickell 
  • Discuss the challenges of med school, residency, and practice
  • Discuss coping with tragedy, trauma, and professional struggles 
B Beyond Pain Control: Challenges of Palliative Care in the new climate of euthanasia - Kathy Pfaff 
  • Discuss how can we do better holistic care 
  • Discuss how can we best respond to euthanasia requests 
C Challenges of Long-term Care in the new climate of euthanasia - Kathy Pfaff 
  • Discuss how can we do better holistic care for the disabled, the demented, and the very old
  • Discuss how can we best respond to euthanasia requests 
D Giving the Reason for the Hope that we Have – Mark Chandra 
  • Explore how do we dialogue on matters of faith or ethics with secular colleagues
  • Explore how we can/should speak of our faith and ethics in the public square
  • Explore how will we handle requests that challenge our conscience 

E Rainbow Ready - Responding to the LGBTQ Culture with Grace and Truth – Ted Fenske
  • To provide a practical framework and accessible resources for equipping Christian clinicians to best navigate the tensions between maintaining an uncompromising Biblical sexual ethic and reaching out in care and compassion to those in need. 
F Using New Media to Form Community and Evangelize - Stephanie Potter 
  • Discuss how to engage in social media as a tool for evangelization
  • Discuss how to use social media as a tool for connection 
G Christian physicians and dentists involvement in secular organizations - Sheila Harding
  • Discuss how to engage positively with the CMA, provincial Medical Associations, provincial professional colleges, university-administrations and student unions
  • Discuss how to engage a culture counter to our own with faith, wisdom and patience
  • Discuss if these organizations are places where we are called to be "salt and light" 

H Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Christian Perspective – Janet Warren 
  • Review some alternative therapies and consider them from a Christian perspective
  • Discuss if, when, and how to use or recommend CAM in our clinical practices
  • Consider the spiritual roots and potential spiritual harms of alternate therapies 
I The Looming Financial Crunch in Canadian Medicare - Dan Reilly 
  • Consider if our system be financially sustainable in the long term
  • Consider if these financial problems will encourage euthanasia
  • Explore whether we can learn from the experience of other countries' health funding systems (e.g., Singapore's) 
J Healthcare Among the Marginalized - Laura Fung 
  • Explore what the challenges of working among the marginalized (First nations, the homeless, the very poor, the disabled, refugees)
  • Discuss our goals in working with the marginalized
  • Explore how can we support each other and work with one another? 
K Medicine in Egypt - Dr. Sherif and Mary-Lou Hanna 
  • Explore the challenges inherent to practicing medicine in Egypt
  • Share witness to the positives of practicing medicine in Egypt
Symposium Workshops 

L For Grads and students in medical research Facilitator: Alison Froese 
  • Discuss opportunities and ethical challenges in medical research 
M For Organizers of Christian medical and dental missions – Facilitator: Robert Clark 
  • Discuss the long-term & short-term missions
  • Share wisdom and possible improvements 
N For grads and students in Dental practice – Facilitators: David Stevenson & Corina Gottschling
  • To dicuss if there is such a thing as Christian dentistry
  • To share mutual experience
  • To witness to how Jesus makes a difference in practice 
O For spouses of physicians and dentists - Facilitator: Clarence Haak 
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of being the spouse of a physician or dentist
  • Where do we still have difficulties? 
  • What can we learn from each other in this symposium? 
P For Palliative Care physicians in the new culture of euthanasia – Facilitator: Margaret Cottle
  • Discuss how we are coping with the new laws, ministry of health innovations and College directives
  • Discuss how we are coping with patients' and families' requests for euthanasia? 
  • Discus what will be its effect on our work as its ramifications spread through society and through the health care system 
Q For psychiatrists and psychotherapists managing depression in the new culture of euthanasia – Facilitator: John McCormick 
  • Discuss the societal change from being asked to fight suicidality to now being asked to consider assisting suicide as a therapeutic option.
  • Discuss to what extent in therapy should we continue the struggle against our patient's suicidality.
  • Discuss how we respond to referrals for a psychiatric opinion on the eligibility for euthanasia of other doctors' patients. 
R For those who are Weary from the Battle - "Come unto Me all ye that are weary and heavy laden..." Facilitator: Sheila Harding 
  • Provide a place to share common concerns
  • Provide an opportunity to identify supports 
S Coaching for dialogue on euthanasia with patients and families – Facilitator: Larry Worthen
  • To provide coaching for dialogue opportunities with patients and family requesting euthanasia.
  • Common causes underlying euthanasia demands will be reviewed along with suggested responses. 
T For the retired and those thinking of retirement – Facilitator: Jane Hosdil 
  • Discuss how can retirees can use their health care experience after retirement
  • Discuss opportunities for ministry using our skills 
U Fixing our eyes upon Jesus…in a busy clinical practice – Facilitator: Janet Warren 
  • Share experiences in keeping in touch with Christ throughout our workday
  • Discuss spiritual practices and practical approaches
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