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Christian Faith and
Professional Practice
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Christian Faith and
Professional Practice
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2017 CMDS National Conference Plenary Sessions

Plenary 1: Christian Medical Practice as Countercultural Witness - Dr. Ewan Goligher 
  • Discuss Inescapable role of the physician’s worldview in the practice of medicine- Explore medicine and worldview: epistemology, anthropology, and teleology
  • Propose the gospel at the centre: what the cross and the empty tomb mean for doctors and their medicine
  • Propose the practice of medicine as faithful Christian witness: conscientious practice and conscientious objection 
Plenary 2: True Treasure: living gospel values in the medical community and culture at large - Pastor Dan MacDonald 
  • Discuss compassion and a holistic, imago dei approach to patients that presume these patients will last for eternity
  • Propose living one’s career as a medical professional in light of eternity: not professional advancement but spiritual progress in faith, hope and love are my benchmark
  • Explore living a radically generous lifestyle of giving, in and out of the hospital, as a cultural engaging critique - not seeking status NOW in the culture, but seeking to serve because my inheritance is already assured 
Plenary 3: Living out of our Dual Identities: The Tension and the Call - Pastor Dan MacDonald 
  • Explore the consequences of understanding ourselves as a Royal Priesthood and a holy nation to God
  • Engaging with the reality that we are aliens and strangers in and to this world
  • Discuss the goal not to win “culture wars”, but to approach cultural issues with shalom
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