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Christian Faith and
Professional Practice
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Christian Faith and
Professional Practice
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2019 National Conference Plenary & Special Sessions

This plenary series reflects deeply on Isaiah 43, offering a hopeful way of re-imagining our cultural context and our work, through the lens of God’s promise of salvation. Each talk is structured around a single phrase to re-frame our perception of the context in which we find ourselves in the early 21st Century. As a historian, Sarah Williams will connect this passage of scripture to a historical figure (social activist and feminist philosopher, Josephine Butler 1828-1906) whose meditation on the book of Isaiah sparked a fresh move of God in the late-nineteenth century. 

Plenary 1: A Way in the Desert 
Dr. Sarah Williams, PhD 
 • Re-perceiving the desert of our culture as a place of God’s refreshment. 

Plenary 2: Our Only Saviour 
Dr. Sarah Williams, PhD
• Naming the prevailing ideologies that compete with God’s salvation and contrasting the nature of God’s salvation with human plausibility structures. 

Plenary 3: His Witnesses 
Dr. Sarah Williams, PhD 
• Reimagining the detail and substance of our work as a demonstration of God’s character, life and in-breaking deliverance. 

Celebration Banquet: Science and Faith: Servant Leadership and the Secular University 
Dr. Santa Ono, MD 
• Leaders need to start from a position of humility and respect, following in the path of Jesus who said “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
• My spiritual path and philosophy of servant leadership are both very supportive of faith and science coexisting at a modern secular university.
• Science and faith are not incompatible: in fact, my scientific curiosity reinforces my faith and vice versa. The more I delved in experimental science, the more I appreciated that so much that exists in this world cannot be explained or proven.
• Through questioning our faith, we become stronger individuals. 
In addition to his many talents and acheivements listed in his biography, Dr. Ono is also an accomplished cellist. He will be joining our music ministry team to provide a concert following his remarks. 

Special Presentation: Conscience & Assisted Suicide 
Larry Worthen BA, MA(Th), LLB 
• To inform membership of current events surrounding conscience protection. 
• To share next steps on advocacy.
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